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Welcome to Blind Industries and Services of Maryland

Blind Industries and Services of Maryland (BISM) is pleased to announce the online availability of products listed under State BPO Master (BPO #001B8400359) through our ecommerce site. In an effort to provide you hassle-free one stop shopping we are also offering you online access to over 80,000 brand-name products to give you a true one-stop shopping experience.

The Associates of BISM are committed to providing you with high quality, competitively priced, environmentally preferable products, supported by knowledgeable sales representatives with friendly, efficient customer service.

At BISM, there are a variety of products that are made, manufactured, remanufactured, or assembled by blind and low vision associates for the State of Maryland. Visit BISM’s State Products & Services page to learn more and view our Master Product List which illustrates our various product lines including part numbers, descriptions, and pricing.

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Buying products from BISM not only makes good business sense, it creates opportunities for blind citizens throughout the State of Maryland.

We are standing by to help. Please contact us with comments and questions at order@shopbism.com or 1-877-647-4611

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